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Webade: Website Design & Development

Webade has been involved in the design and development of websites since 1999, we have a vast amount of experience in working with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to larger mid ranged businesses.

From concept, through consultation and finally implementation, you can rely on Webade to ensure your business gets the website it needs. We can help you take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer; from shopping carts, to CMSs to small static websites. Webade can meet the needs of your businesses online requirements.

Website Standards and Portability

All businesses are built on standards, we are sure yours is, and ours is no different. We will build your website to the standards as recommended by the W3C and we will meet the guidelines of the DDA as laid down by UK law.

We can take your website and make it portable in such a manner that it becomes available to a wider range of markets. Such as PDA and Smart Phone users, we can also prepare your website to ensure it prints correctly, we can do all this for you without the need to run multi versions of your website. We work to standards, and we do it right. Take a look at Maid2Clean and their Cleaners in Eastbourne

The DDA - Disability Discrimination Act

If you are a UK based company, either managing your own web site, or, you are a web design company designing for clients then you have an obligation to meet the DDA specifications.

It is your responsibility to ensure that every reasonable effort has been made to make your websites accessible.